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Fall in love in a small town.


Latest release: Trapped in Tourist Town

See below for an excerpt:

Cady has been saving up all her life to move out of her small town and start a new, exciting, life in the city. She just needs a little extra cash to get her there. So when travel reporter, Burke Sanders, arrives to do a series of articles about her little tourist map dot, Cady offers to show him the sights from a local's perspective, if he will hire her on as an assistant. Burke is from the city, so when it's clear their working relationship is getting a lot more complicated, Cady starts to imagine what it would be like for the two of them to ride off into the sunset together. The only problem is that Burke falls hard for Cady AND for Scallop Shores, and this world-weary traveler has decided he can definitely see himself living in this small town and trading journalism for his real passion -- writing a horror novel. Burke only has a few months to convince Cady that all the fun and excitement she could ever want is already right in front of her, along with a love that will last a lifetime.

Trapped in Tourist Town excerpt:​

Wearing a Yankees tee in Red Sox country could be dangerous to your health. You ought to be more careful.” Cady trotted to a stop, drawing her knees up to her chest a few times to stretch them out. 
“Yeah? Who’s gonna jump me? You?” His challenge thrown down, he grinned like the devil.  Cady smirked as she pulled the ear buds from her ears and continued to walk to her car. Not bad.  “Yankees tee, metrosexual … everything else. You’re from New York, I take it? What brings you to Scallop Shores ...” She waited for him to supply his name as he raced to catch up with her. “Burke. I’m Burke Sanders. I guess you could say I’m here to give your town its fifteen minutes of fame. Or try to make a smaller tourist destination a bigger deal. Anyway, I write for a travel
magazine. And yeah, I’m from the Big Apple—born and raised.”  The thrill that passed through her upon learning he was indeed from the city, she’d explore later. But for now a giggle bubbled up too quickly to be stopped and Cady let out a chortle. She gestured toward a large, flat boulder near her car and made her way over the smaller loose stones to get to it. This one she had to sit down for. “You lose a bet?” “Excuse me?” “Someone else get the cushier assignment? Are you being punished? What did you do to get saddled with Scallop Shores?” She sat down, drawing her legs up and patting the rock to invite Burke to sit beside her. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I just ... wow.” He shook his head. “You want out of Dodge in a bad way. I’m thinking yours is the better story here.” He took a long sip from a plastic water bottle and then held it out. The idea of drinking from his bottle suddenly seemed wildly intimate, wholly inappropriate. Her mouth got drier at the thought
and she grabbed for the container before she lost her nerve. The spout was still warm from the touch
of his lips. She couldn’t resist darting her tongue out to search for just a little taste of him. “My name is Cady Eaton. My family stepped off the Mayflower and kept wandering until they made it to Scallop Shores. And that is where they have stayed ... ever since.” She returned the water to
Burke and focused her attention on the waves rolling toward them.
“So you’ll be the first Eaton to leave town for the big city?”
“No, actually. My great-aunt Cadence spent a summer there once. I’ve grown up on her stories of
nannying for a rich family in Central Park West.” 
“So why didn’t she stay?” He cocked his head toward her.
“I’ve been wondering the same thing. From what I understand, she left the love of her life to come back here.” “Because she loved her family more?” “Because that was what was expected of her.” Cady knew he was watching her, but she stared at the horizon, her jaw set. They passed the next few moments in silence. The less said, the better. She
couldn’t believe she’d gone and blurted out family business to a complete stranger. He must think
she was a real nutcase. Risking a quick glance, she chanced a sidelong look from beneath her lashes.
Burke was studying the rolling surf.
“Yours is a unique angle,” he finally spoke. 
“Excuse me?”   “I’m sorry, it’s just that I need to research the town, but the whole tourist trade thing has been done
so many times before.” He turned to Cady, his steady emerald gaze rooting her to the spot. “You’ve lived here all your life and you can’t wait to see it in your rearview mirror. How would you sell
Scallop Shores? What will you miss most when you’re gone? What memories of this town will haunt
you the most?”
Cady blinked. She had an idea. She clapped her hands and barely kept from squealing in her excitement. “You should hire me!” “I beg your pardon? I’m a travel writer. It’s a one person job.” “I’ll be your research assistant, your tour guide. I can give you all sorts of unique angles.” She nearly
shuddered at the heat that shot out at her from Burke’s intense gaze. Whoa, poor choice of words.
“I can even type up your notes, take pictures, whatever you need.” “I don’t think it’s in the budget to hire on an assistant, much as I would enjoy it.” His grin was wolfish. “Please. I need the money. You saw that pathetic tip jar. And my car is about to give up the ghost. I’m never going to get to New York unless I find another source of income.” She knew she was begging but she no longer cared. Burke was her ticket out of Scallop Shores and she would convince him that he needed her as much as she needed him. “So then we’d have a working relationship?” He sounded disappointed. “For now ...” Cady shocked herself with that coquettish response.  “I’m probably going to regret this, but what the hell? You’re hired.” He held out a hand and they shook on it. She had to tug to remove her hand after the shake went on just a tad long. It looked like she wouldn’t have to worry that her last summer in Scallop Shores
​would be boring. Things just got really interesting.